More return for your money…

There are many people out there benefiting from good yields and record rises in rental returns. On a weekly basis we view with clients who are seeking to become a landlord in this ever so increasing market. 2012 saw an increase of 19% over 2011 and an increase of 80% in 2010 of new landlords and these seem to account for more than one in ten new mortgages written across the market place.

Rent continues to climb; which is fuelled by demand from young workers who continue to remain unable to get onto the property market themselves.

It seems to us that best ISA’s out there at the moment are generating approx 2.6% and on average gross yields in the rental property market in England and Wales is 5.3% which continues to remain on the rise.

However, investors do need to be carful and take into account that a buy to let can be a lot of work. It is important that as a prospective landlord you understand that investing in property is a long term decision and one where instant returns are not necessarily available.

There are numerous key decisions to take into account when investing in the buy to let game and we are hear to help at every turn.

Having an independent mortgage advisor in-house; we are also able to offer impartial advice on the financial aspect of your purchase.

Once you have discussed the financial side our sales team will then run you through what we have on the books that will meet your criteria.