We can help find the property that’s right for you

Our lettings team will keep you up-to-date of all new instructions and get in touch if they find something that fits your bill. Alternatively, use our search facility to browse properties to rent at your own leisure.

If you have a property you would like to let, we can find tenants and even manage the ongoing process for you. For a look at our landlord’s pack for more details contact us and we will get back to you straight away.

If you are wondering what fees tenants pay at Edwards then you’ve come to the right page.

Fees To Tenants


Before You Move In

An agency fee of £240 including vat per person is payable at all times unless a 2 or 3 bedroom property is taken by an individual person, whereby the agency fee payable is £480 including vat. The agency fee is your fee for taking the property and is not a fee for any works carried out by Edwards Estate Agents.


Each individual person that cannot provide an employer reference or a recent landlord reference will be required to have a guarantor. There will be a processing fee of £118.80 including vat payable for each guarantor required.


During Your Tenancy

If you live in a managed property and wish to have a change over a tenants (subject to the landlord’s agreement) there is an administration fee of £180 including vat is payable to change the tenancy. If a new tenant is moving into the property they will be liable to pay their £240 including vat agency fee.


It is the tenant’s responsibility to be in residence to allow access for any contractor where required, not the landlord or his agent. If access is prevented there will be a charge of £54 including vat payable direct to the agent.


  • Edwards do not charge a key collection fee upon move in day.
  • Edwards do not charge a personal referencing fee.
  • Edwards do not charge an inventory sign off fee to new tenants.
  • Edwards do not charge a re-signing fee at the end of a fixed term tenancy; we set our tenancy’s to automatically turn into a periodic tenancy thereafter.


Unpaid Rent

If the rent is in arrears for more than 5 days after it is due (whether demanded or not) a late payment charge of £5.00 per day is payable. An administration charge of £25.00 will be due for every late payment reminder that has to be issued. Unpaid rent / returned payments: Interest at 4% above Bank of England Base Rate from date due


Ending Your Tenancy

Edwards do not charge a check out fee. Edwards carry out a check out inspection against the inventory when the tenant has vacated. If the property is found not to be up to the standard that is required, and Edwards have to revisit a second time to ensure that all issues are remedied, you will be liable to pay a charge of £54 including vat.


Professional cleaning is only charged where it is necessary to return the property to the same condition at the start of the tenancy. Professional cleaning (if required) will be charged and deducted from the security deposit. The cost will be dependent on the size and condition of the property.


  • We do not charge a resigning fee at the end of a fixed term tenancy.
  • We do not charge a key collection fee upon move in day.
  • We do not charge a personal referencing fee.
  • We do not charge an inventory sign off fee to new tenants.