Don’t delay… carry out your period check today!

Periodic inspections are at the top of the list when dealing with property management responsibilities.

The purpose of regular property inspections is to check the overall condition of the property to check for any maintenance issues, as well as ensuring that it complies with current safety regulations.

Whilst it is the tenant’s responsibility to raise any maintenance issues, they may just not be aware that there are any problems. It can take an experienced person to discern what is or is not a problem in a property.

A few thoughts to bear in mind are…

• Ensure that you notify your tenant in writing that you will be attending to carry out an inspection. (All tenants are entitled to a minimum of 24 hours notice)

• Diarise to carry out a property inspection at least every six months so that any problems don’t have a chance of getting out of hand.

• Check that the locks are in working order; that doors and windows open and close properly and don’t leak.

• When you visit take a checklist with you and go through it room by room in a systematic manner to ensure that you do not miss anything.

• Are the carpets/flooring, walls and ceilings in good order and free of damp and mould? Are there any new stains that need further investigation?

• How do the bathroom fittings, white goods and other appliances look? Are they being misused and is there any damaged present?

• Is the garden clear of rubbish and is it well-maintained, including patio and boundary fences?

• If the tenants are in residence make sure you ask them whether they are experiencing any problems with the property.

• While landlords have every right to check that their property is maintained to a certain standard and that everything is functioning as it should, you need to be respectful when you visit as this is still the tenant’s home.

• Is the property clean? Everyone has different standards of cleanliness; your tenants may not have the same standards as you. A degree of reasonableness is needed unless the level of uncleanliness is causing damage to the property.

Keeping up with property inspections is very important when dealing with rental properties.

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