Art on the streets

We are creative thinkers here at Edwards and we are always keen to do something different. With this in mind and whilst also looking to further establish ourselves as an integral part of the thriving and vibrant local community, and also to support and invest in local ventures we came up with what has turned out to be a great idea.

We approached the wonderful Carys Tait, along with marketing consultant Cheryl Crichton, to work on our brand refresh which would also be the starting point of our new marketing boards. A key element of this was the idea to collaborate with local artists/illustrators and to commission original artworks which would be used on the new ‘sale’ boards and across marketing materials.

These artworks were commissioned from members of Drawn in Bristol, a local illustration collective of which I am a member. Each illustrator was asked to come up with an image which answered the brief ‘On the Move’, the only real limitation being our brand green had to be incorporated in some way. The illustrators were given free reign to come up with something fresh, something different to the stereotypical imagery normally associated with estate agents. This is what they came up with…


The Tortoise Board – Artist Carys Tait –

The Urban Fox – Artist Sam Hadley –

The House Cat – Artist XXX – http://www.

The Bees – Artist XXX – http://www.

March 2013 – Th BirdArtist Carys Tait –