The proof is in the pudding…

Kate Clarke & Ben Whitehouse
Horfield, Bristol

February 16th 2014

I don’t often write letters of recommendation and having moved house several times I have never had occasion to write a recommendation about an estate agent before.

We actually moved house in September 2013 but with rewiring, etc I have not had a chance to write this sooner but I have always intended to because the level of service that Edwards and particularly Karl Sweatman gave was outstanding.

I met with three other estate agents before choosing Edwards. Cost was obviously a deciding factor and Edwards was able to provide a much better value for money service. They are also a local smaller agency which mattered to us and meant they were not governed or restricted in anyway by anonymous offices in London.

We were treated very much as individual customers and every aspect of the service was carried out by someone who knew exactly who we were, which property we were selling and where In the process we were. Something that was very much lacking with the other big estate agents I discovered along the way.

When we initially met, Karl spent time with us going through the process of selling our house in a friendly and non sales like way and assisted In advice regarding the purchase as well.

He advised us on how best to present our house for the optimum price and having taken numerous excellent photos Karl returned to our house to retake photos of the house on a sunny day. (He also moved the dustbin and clothes line out of view; attention to detail that I appreciated).

Edwards was not the most local estate agent to us but Karl came across as honest and trustworthy and I went with my instinct. We sold our house for the asking price within 4 days to someone who had viewed it on the first day of viewings. We may have been able to get more and Karl asked us if we would like to try but it was at top end of the stamp duty boundary and we had already found a house we wanted.

When things looked like they might fall through with our house purchase Karl was very supportive with advice and information.

It feels like we have been in our new home a long time now and we are very happy and settled. I honestly would not want to go through the process again, but if we did I’m certain we would use Edwards.

Kate Clarke