Presentation presentation presentation

Once you have decided to put your property onto the market it no longer stays your home for a period untill it sells. So let go of your emotions and focus on advertising what is essentially a product at the highest possible standard and know that you are trying everything you can to attract the all important buyer.

Buyers do not want to be distracted, so box up your personal items and leave that space free so buyers can imagine their own belongings there instead. It is imperative that buyers canto visualize themselves living in your home and not you.

De-cluttering is essential, go through every room and ask youself “what items really need to be on show. Not only will this create extra room and make the dimensions appear larger it will also make the room a lot cleaner looking. By boxing up your belongings now you are also actually getting a head-start on the packing when that time will eventually come.

Almost every room shows better with less furniture, leave just enough in each room to showcase the room’s purpose and leave plenty of room to move around.

Although you will not benefit from making minor repairs in the long run you undoubtedly will whilst the house is on the property market. Consider do the floor tiles need to be replaced, cracks in the walls patched up, doors that do not close properly and think neutral wall colours, not everyone has the same taste so appease to the masses.

Go that extra bit further and make your home sparkle! Ensure all lightbulbs are working, windows are clean, the floor has been vacuumed recently, dust down surfaces, pour bleach down the toilets and open the windows to allow fresh air to enter.

All the above is down to you, it will not cost a lot but could attract that all important offer.  We as agents can only do so much, potential buyers do not need to be given any reason not to remember your home, make it stand out and you will see that the property will sell itself.