Making an offer…

Now that you’ve found your ideal home, its time to make an offer!

If you’re a First Time Buyer, have no chain and/or alternatively have an Agreement in Principle with a mortgage lender then ensure that you highlight this to the selling agent. These factors will automatically give you a head start on your competition as you are in a good position and are an attractive option as a buyer.

It is important remember that the selling agent works for the vendor first and foremost; although they will do everything possible to help you negotiate a figure which is mutually agreeable by both parties.

Some factors to take into account will be how long the property has been on the market, the condition of the property, and whether there are still viewings booked on the property. You will also find that there are vendors that are not in any a rush to sell and they will hold out for an offer as close to asking price as possible.

It is very important when you make an offer you have taken professional financial advice and some form. This can be gain free of charge by either visiting your bank they will be happy to help you with their own personal products or alternative pop in and see us for guidance on what is available throughout the whole market place.

You will find that a sensible offer will get a sensibly response where as a particularly low offer without a good reason will never ingratiate yourself with agent or seller alike.

For further help on making an offer or for financial advice please feel free to contact your local branch.