Charborough Road Primary Table Top Sale

We believe that you should always give a little back!

Yes we are a business and yes we are here to make money, but we do believe that there should be a little give and take. When opening our latest office in Filton we wanted to find a way of giving back to the local community, we thought what better way than to do this than investing into the local children as they are our future after all!  

We decided that we would work with Charborough Road Primary school located in Filton Park, sponsoring a number of their fund raising events through out the academic year via free advertising and a cash sum donation! When driving around the area keep your eyes peeled as these events will be advertised on our property boards located at addresses provided by the school.

Don’t forget these houses sadly are not for sale, but if you do have a house that you would like to sell or let or if you are looking to buy or rent we would love to chat about it.

 If you have anything that you would like edwards to sponsor please give us a call or pop into our new office for a chat.